How to write a slow blues songs

Personal struggles give the songs more live and validity. As a result, blues relies heavily on the pentatonic scale, and can be written in either a major or minor key.

On the left hand, participants will play through and talk about some basic scales and Ralph will show how to break down chords into arpeggios and then use some of these intervals to make creative and interesting bass lines that will complement a song.

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However, when rural black music began to be recorded in the s, both categories of musicians used similar techniques: They had to cancel one concert that I had tickets to way back when due to illness ; I had exams to study for on another occasion; overseas another time or two; and I missed them in England in the late 70s thru being a too-poor Aussie backpacker and the US in backpacking again and my schedule kept just missing them.

Participants can take advantage of both weeks by attending special events, swapping tunes and songs in jam sessions, and sharing in the fun. He became a popular and prolific composer, and billed himself as the "Father of the Blues"; however, his compositions can be described as a fusion of blues with ragtime and jazz, a merger facilitated using the Cuban habanera rhythm that had long been a part of ragtime; [18] [68] Handy's signature work was the " Saint Louis Blues ".

First picking up the guitar at age 19, Golden did what came naturally and let the music flow through him.

List of songs written by Willie Nelson

Welcome to Blues and Swing Week. He plays the diatonic ten-hole harmonica in the country blues style, cupping both hands around the instrument and playing acoustically.

You have to put some feeling into it for the song to mean anything. A bit naive, but in those days that's what some of us were feeling.

As a result, blues relies heavily on the pentatonic scale, and can be written in either a major or minor key. At the beginning of the week, participants will choose a genre for example: Blues was an oral tradition long before being committed to sheet music. How to Write a Blues Song by J. The band became an ordinary pop group a good one, none the lessand the only person to counterbalance Hayward was Thomas, but he got dramatically less prolific and inspired.

Additionally, he performed in the feature film Matewan about the coal mining wars in West Virginia, written and directed by John Sayles. Pianist Memphis Slim began his career in Memphis, but his distinct style was smoother and had some swing elements. Recorded blues and country music can be found as far back as the s, when the record industry created the marketing categories " race music " and " hillbilly music " to sell music by blacks for blacks and by whites for whites, respectively.

Now you are ready to give your blues tune a title with the title serving as a good hook for the song. You can work out your parts. !!!Note!!! All of the songs on this page were optimized to be played on a Soundblaster AWE sound card with the GS soundfont bank selected.

They should still sound fine on. Start by listening to songs you like and analyze how they are built up.

How to Write a Blues Song: Writing Lyrics and Music

There are a number of stanza types often used that you will notice. I think the most common one is the AAB form where you write a lyrics line thatbis song over the first 4 bars of the 12 bar blues, this line.

The Moody Blues were an amazing collective of wonderful songwriters (in their classic period -that is). To a certain degree the mellotron expert Mike Pinder was left in the shadow of Justin Hayward and John Lodge in that matter.

Gonna teach you how to write the blues And before this song is over You can write a blues song too The first line of the blues, you gotta sing a second time The first line of the blues, you gotta sing a second time And the third line doesn’t matter But the fourth one’s gotta rhyme.

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Ossman in a letter to the Editor of "The Cadenza" magazine - August 8, "The banjo will live and become more popular every year, even if. The blues may look and sound simple, but it takes feeling, a gift for wordplay, and an understanding of the rules to write a good blues tune.

The blues is rooted in the expression of pain. After all, this uniquely American song form was born from the harsh existence of slaves on southern plantations.

How to write a slow blues songs
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How to Make Up A Blues Song On Guitar